Misc Projects

Custom illustrations inspired by interior design for a fashion journalism student who created this online magazine.


I am currently working on a multimedia project called Fashion Victim in collaboration with graphic designer and photographer Jonathan Chin and aspiring models Kelly Wang, Erin Donahue, and Alyssa Esteban. Fashion Victim will encompass videography, my personal styling, illustration, and photography. This project will tentatively release by early January 2012.

Here are a few shots I took of our models behind the scenes:


Here we go. This past Halloween (2011), I was one of my favorite things on the face of this earth – that is, a cup of Starbucks coffee. The cardboard corset took me a night to do, assembled with cardboard from a box, hot glue, and forest green paint. The tube dress is American Apparel, the scarf is H&M. Special thanks to my friend and photographer, Jonathin Chin, who snapped this photo (amongst several others!).

Below is a progress shot I took of me painting the logo onto my corset.