Don’t even…



Don’t even get me started on Hawaiian prints. It really curious how human psychology works collectively in the fashion industry. Last spring, I had taken a good friend thrifting for the first time. For whatever reason, I’d been hell-bent on finding the perfect button down Hawaiian printed shirt – a difficult task, if you think about it. There are so many variations of the print that instantly reel you back into the original stereotype of the tourist. One must tread carefully. Yet take a look at the Hawaiian print I’ve posted above. Look at the contrast between the black background and the orange foreground. Isn’t it beautiful? Perhaps it’s the black that gives the print that chic edge – after all, black is always in, no? To back track to my original story, the friend that I had been thrifting with was absolutely aghast. Why on earth would I want that kind of print? You’re never going to wear it, she said. I went right back and told her – give it a season or two. Watch it be on trend. Lo and behold, there have been several designers who have already gone in that direction. Take Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer RTW collection, for example. He uses the print in an unconventional way, mixing it a sort of chic sportswear kind of vibe. On the same note, Givenchy’s Fall/Winter 2011 RTW collection bore prints that told tales of a distant tropical jungle, with Hawaiian-like graphics on their textiles.


Left; Alexander Wang. Right; Givenchy


Left; Alberta Ferretti. Right; Versace Spring 2012

When done right, what’s not to love about this print? 
It’s fun, it’s chic, and I’ve been utterly inspired by this trend.  
Below are two illustrations I did recently inspired by Alexander Wang and Givenchy.


Blog Entry for AAU Fashion Business. Seeing that I enjoyed writing this assignment so much, I thought I’d share on my wordpress. Ai



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